CFT presented at the annual Congress of the Italian Society of Hospital Pharmacy

Representatives from EAHP's common training framework (CTF) project recently presented at the annual Congress of the Italian Society of Hospital Pharmacy (Società Italiana di Farmacia Ospedaliera -SIFO) and encouraged all interested individuals and organisations to register to participate in the consultation on its content.

Dr Roberto Frontini, Immediate Past President of EAHP, facilitated a dedicated panel session about the CTF at the Congress in Milan on Saturday 3rd December. The event heard the perspectives of providers of hospital pharmacy education in Italy, an Italian hospital pharmacist working in Spain, a representative of the European Pharmaceutical Students Association (EPSA), and Professor Ian Bates, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Common Training Framework.

EAHP Policy and Advocacy Officer, Richard Price, gave a presentation on the background to the common training framework, and the intended practical value to be achieved by its creation.

The leader of the working group developing the draft content of the framework, Dr Andreia Bruno, gave a presentation on how her pan-European group of hospital pharmacists embarked upon the project of defining core competencies of the hospital pharmacy profession common across European countries.

Speaking after the event, Dr Andreia Bruno said:

“It was so encouraging to receive the enthusiastic support of so many at the SIFO Congress for what the common training framework project is aspiring to create: a pharmacy development tool that all countries and all hospitals can make use of in driving continuous improvement. 

Via the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy there is a clear sense of what hospital pharmacy strives to be, and via the common training framework a clear sense of the individual competencies required for pharmacists to deliver it.

However the more input we can receive on the content from those in practice, those in education and those pharmacy works for and works with, such as patients and other healthcare professionals, the better. 

I encourage all interested in hospital pharmacy to register to participate in the open consultation on the framework’s content, and to do so before the 31 January 2017 deadline.”

All interested organisations and individuals are invited to register to participate in the online consultation on a CTF for hospital pharmacy. The registration for the consultation has been extended. It will close on Monday, 20 February 2017 17:00 CET, with the first round of consultation commencing on Monday, 27 February 2017.

More information the CTF project is available here: