Setting up a framework

Enabled by the Professional Qualifications Directive, EAHP set up three Working Groups which are led by a Steering Committee. The Association tasked them with the construction of a common training framework to advance labour mobility for hospital pharmacists and to set a European benchmark for the hospital pharmacist specialisation.

Working Group 1 – led by Dr Andreia Bruno – developed a draft competency framework after examining the competencies required to deliver the vision of practice set out in the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy. This draft framework was reviewed through a Delphi Consultation in which a diverse group of stakeholders consisting out of hospital pharmacists, other healthcare professionals, patients/ representatives of patient organisation and regulatory bodies participated. The input provided by the different stakeholders was used to finalise the draft competency framework. The final version of the competency framework is now available.

The second Working Group – chaired by Dr Roberto Frontini – conducted a research exercise in support of the project CTF. It analysed on the one hand literature on hospital pharmacy education and explored on the other hand the experience and attitudes of hospital pharmacists on labour mobility. The results of the literature review were published in the European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy in January 2018. The results of the labour mobility survey undertaken by Working Group 2 were also released in January 2018.

A series of communication tasks were carried out by Working Group 3 which is led by EAHP’s Immediate Past-President Joan Peppard to assure that CTF was moving forward.

The second phase of CTF has already started after the mandate given by EAHP members during the 47th General Assembly in Malta (June 8-12, 2017). 

Making CTF a reality

The second phase of CTF – following the end goal is to make CTF a reality – has already started after the mandate given by EAHP members during the 47th General Assembly in Malta (June 8-12, 2017). The shortening of the draft competency framework was identified as one of the first steps for phase 2 by the CTF Steering Committee.  CTF Working Group 1 Chair (Dr Andreia Bruno) and CTF Steering Committee Chair (Prof Ian Bates) have already shortened the final framework and this version is now available for our members.

CTF Working Group 1 will be looking at the development of educational standards and guidelines; and mapping the competencies of the framework against existing education and training programmes to provide examples for prospective curriculum and training designs.

CTF Working Group 3 will work closely with national member associations to discuss CTF and to start approaching national competent authorities to present the final framework. In addition to that, members from Working group 3 are working on regularly updating the CTF website and creating other awareness materials if needed.

Working Group 4 presented a report outlining the best strategy to implement CTF at the General Assembly which took place in Bucharest from 7-10 June 2018. The group was chaired by EAHP President, Petr Horák. Its members have now joined Working Group 3.

CTF Working Group 2 has been closed and the mobility survey prepared by its members will be presented and published in February.