CTF to be presented at the 22nd Congress of the EAHP in March 2017

EAHP President Joan Peppard will present the EAHP’s common training framework (CTF) project during the third keynote speech - “Introducing the Common Training Framework (CTF)” – at the 22nd Congress of the EAHP, 22nd to 24th March 2017, in Cannes. The keynote will focus on competency-based approaches to training, staff development and assessment which are increasingly viewed as a central strategy for improving the effectiveness of those who provide care.

This presentation will describe the potential benefits and risks of a competency-based approach to hospital pharmacy advanced practice and it will illustrate the progress of competence-based approaches in Europe where barriers to mutual recognition of education and training systems still exist for many professions including hospital pharmacy. Furthermore, a quality approach to the ongoing management of such a framework will also be considered.

At the end of the seminar participants should

  • Have an increased awareness of the competencies required of a hospital pharmacist;

  • Understand the potential for development of a European recognition of the title ' hospital pharmacist'; and

  • Recognise the importance of quality assurance of post graduate education.

For more information on the 22nd Congress of the EAHP please visit http://www.eahp.eu/congresses

The 22nd Congress will take place in Cannes from 22nd to 24th March 2017. Information about registering to attend the 22nd Congress of EAHP is available HERE.