In 2014, the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP), and its 35 national member associations, started with the development of a ‘common training framework’ to express the agreed knowledge, skills and competencies that represent advanced practice in hospital pharmacy in Europe.

The purpose of the framework is to enhance the quality of, safety of, and equity of access to, patient care in every European country.

The framework will achieve this by providing a benchmark in hospital pharmacy education for all European health systems to strive for; and actively supporting the realisation of the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy.

In the longer term, EAHP has an aspiration that the agreed framework could be recognized at an EU level and enable improved labour mobility of hospital pharmacists via mutual recognition of hospital pharmacy qualifications between countries.

A working group consisting of hospital pharmacy representatives from across Europe undertook an 18-month project to develop an initial draft of a potential common training framework, drawing from existing hospital pharmacy specialization programmes, and the findings of the 2011 Pharmine project. This framework was subjected to a pan-European consultation on its contents which was conducted in March and April 2017 according to Delphi principles. 

 A diverse group of stakeholders consisting of hospital pharmacists, other healthcare professionals, patients/ representatives of patient organisations and regulatory bodies participated in both rounds of the Delphi Consultation. The results are currently being reviewed by the members of CTF Working Group 1 and will be used to finalise the draft competency framework within 2017.

EAHP would like to thank all consultation participants for the time and hard work that went into reviewing the draft competency framework. 


Individuals, organisations and regulatory bodies from all over Europe registered themselves for the consultation on the draft common training framework. Prior to the start of the consultation, they received a short guide explaining the method being used, and how to participate. This guide is available here

The consultation draft of the common training framework is available to read as a PDF document here