CTF Working Group 2 - Literature review published

The Common Training Framework (CTF) project of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) has a new milestone to report. Working Group 2 which was tasked with the compilation of supporting evidence published a literature review. This review analysed the impact of educational interventions on health outcome to determine the value that can be created in forming a CTF for hospital pharmacy. The findings of Working Group 2 were published in the online first edition of the European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy (EJHP).

Members of Working Group 2 analysed 9 primary research studies and one literature review which were selected due to their relation to education and impact of pharmacists, medical doctors or nurses on patient outcomes. The literature search was carried out by two teams of researchers to ensure inter-rater reliability at each stage of screening and data extraction. However, the search was limited on the one hand to two databases and restricted on the other hand by the limited number of studies published in the English language.

Almost one-third of the selected studies targeted pharmacists in their research. The importance of a CTF was not specifically discussed. Nonetheless, the review carried out by Working Group 2 showed that higher education levels of healthcare professionals improve patient outcomes. Since, higher degrees or extended training positively affected patient outcomes, including mortality rates, it was concluded by Working Group 2 that further hospital pharmacy education could significantly impact the professional status and services reimbursement.

The literature review also touched upon labour mobility, one of the EU's four freedoms. Currently, hospital pharmacists have difficulties to use this freedom due to the different systems that are employed by the national bodies responsible for the recognition of professional qualifications. A CTF could not only improve labour mobility of hospital pharmacist, but also increase the prospect of cooperation in specialisation education provision between different countries, always with the aim of providing the same standards of care to all patients. As the foundation stone for ensuring the best use of medicines by patients in hospitals, a CTF for hospital pharmacy could become the benchmark for all European countries to strive for.

EAHP would like to thank both the chair of Working Group 2, Roberto Frontini, and its individual members (Cornelia Vetter Kerkhoff, Eduardo Echarri, Ian Bates, Jos Kosterink, Jose Manuel Martinez Sesmero, László Horváth, Lorna Marie West, Nenad Miljkovic and Stephanie Belaiche) for their contribution to the CTF project.

The literature review is available HERE

Photo: © UZ Leuven 2016