The first stage of the CTF project its nearing its end

With the closure of the Delphi consultation at the end of April, the first phase of the Common Training Framework (CTF) project of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) is moving towards completion.

In the first stage of the CTF project, EAHP worked on securing voluntary agreement across countries about the knowledge, skills and attitudes/behaviours that underpin advanced practice in the hospital sector. Working Group 1 – led by Dr Andreia Bruno – developed a draft competency framework after examining the competencies required to deliver the vision of practice set out in the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy. This draft framework was reviewed through a Delphi Consultation in which a diverse group of stakeholders consisting out of hospital pharmacists, other healthcare professionals, patients/ representatives of patient organisations and regulatory bodies participated. The results of this consultation are currently being analysed by Working Group 1. The input provided by the different stakeholders will be used to finalise the draft competency framework within 2017. 

The second Working Group – chaired by the then EAHP Immediate Past-President Dr Roberto Frontini – conducted a research exercise in support of the project CTF. It analysed on the one hand literature on hospital pharmacy education and explored on the other hand the experience and attitudes of hospital pharmacists on labour mobility. The results of both the literature review and the labour mobility survey undertaken by Working Group 2 will be published in the next few months.

A series of communication tasks was carried out by Working Group 3 which is led by EAHP President Joan Peppard. The group ensured a clear understanding of the project amongst the EAHP membership, wider hospital pharmacy profession and liaised with the European Commission and other professions developing common training framework approaches. Working Group 3 will continue its activities in accordance with a new communication plan to ensure a clear understanding in the wider pharmacy profession including academia and regulators. 

EAHP would like to thank once again all Delphi participants for the time and hard work that they devoted to the consultation. Their input is highly valued by the members of CTF Working Group 1 and will help EAHP with the finalisation of the competency framework.