Project Steering Committee

The common training framework project is overseen by a Steering Committee that takes as its mission to monitor the formation of a common training framework for hospital pharmacy in Europe in order to enhance the quality of, safety of, and equity of access to, patient care in every European country.

The CTF Steering Committee members are:

  • Ian Bates (Chair)
  • Andreia Bruno (Chair of Working Group 1)
  • Roberto Frontini (EAHP Immediate Past President, Chair of Working Group 2)
  • Joan Peppard (EAHP President, Chair of Working Group 3)
  • Antonio Gouveia (Portugal)
  • Aurelie Guerin (France)
  • Eduardo Echarri (Spain)
  • Jos Kosterink (The Netherlands)
  • Juraj Sykora (Slovakia)
  • Kees Neef (EAHP Director of Education, Science and Research)
  • Paolo Serra (Italy)
  • Petr Horak (Czech Republic and EAHP President-Elect)


CTF Working Group 1: Competency Mapping

The task of CTF Working Group 1 is “the creation of a strong agreement on the knowledge, skills and competencies required to practice hospital pharmacy at an advanced level in Europe.”

Its members are:

  • Andreia Bruno (Portugal, Chair)
  • Ana Lozano (Spain)
  • Antonio Gouveia (Portugal)
  • Aurelie Guerin (France)
  • Evgeni Evgeniev Grigorov (Bulgaria)
  • Gyöngyver Soos (Hungary)
  • Anna-Riia Holmstrom (Finland)
  • Inese Sviestina (Latvia)
  • Kees Neef (The Netherlands)
  • Kersti Teder (Estonia)
  • Marcela Heislerova (Czech Republic)
  • Natasa Faganeli (Slovenia)
  • Paolo Serra (Italy)
  • Petur S. Gunnarsson (Iceland)
  • Pierre Voirol (Switzerland)
  • Steffen Amann (Germany)


CTF Working Group 2: Evidence gathering

The task of CTF Working Group 2 is “the compilation of supporting evidence of the value that can be created in forming a common training framework for hospital pharmacy.”

Its members are:

  • Roberto Frontini (Germany, Chair)
  • Cornelia Vetter Kerkhoff (Germany)
  • Eduardo Echarri (Spain)
  • Ian Bates (UK)
  • Jos Kosterink (The Netherlands)
  • Jose Manuel Martinez Sesmero (Spain)
  • László Horváth (Hungary)
  • Lorna Marie West (Malta)
  • Nenad Miljkovic (Serbia)
  • Stephanie Belaiche (France)


CTF Working Group 3: Communications

The task of CTF Working Group 3 is “securing the strong engagement in, and support of, national governments, competent authorities and the European Commission for the project”.

Its members are:

  • Joan Peppard (Ireland, Chair)
  • Aida Batista (Portugal)
  • Anthony Sinclair (UK)
  • Despina Makridaki (Greece)
  • Elfriede Dolinar (Austria)
  • Gunn Fredriksen (Norway)
  • Juraj Sykora (Slovakia)
  • Maria Grazia Cattaneo (Italy)
  • Petr Horak (Czech Republic)
  • Speranta Petria Prada (Romania)
  • Tony West (UK)


More Information

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