Labour Mobility Report

The task of CTF Working Group 2 was “the compilation of supporting evidence of the value that can be created in forming a common training framework for hospital pharmacy”. The Labour Mobility Survey report was prepared by EAHP as a compilation of the data gathered by CTF Working Group 2.

This report included the findings of the survey activity on the attitudes and perspectives of hospital pharmacists on labour mobility by the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP). The results collected from the 1039 participating hospital, clinical and community pharmacists in this document are descriptive and represent a snapshot of the current position. Nonetheless, they show that hospital pharmacists have an appetite for labour mobility which is currently not realised due to recognition barriers.

Overall, 85% of hospital pharmacists and heads of hospital pharmacy that participated in the survey would support the creation of a common training framework for the hospital pharmacy specialisation. Development of the profession, facilitation of exchange of expertise , standardisation in the quality of education and increase of mobility opportunities are in their opinion benefits to be gained by creating a new tool for automatic recognition of the hospital pharmacy specialisation across border.  EAHP believes there is a clear benefit to health systems and patients by increasing and improving the exchange of information and expertise