The first stage of the common training framework project aimed at securing a voluntary agreement across countries about what constitutes the knowledge, skills and attitudes/behaviours that underpin advanced practice in the hospital sector.

The initial stage of this work was led by CTF Working Group 1, chaired by Dr Andreia Bruno. The group conducted a review of existing work in the area such as the European Commission sponsored project of Pharmine (2011) as well as examined the competencies required to deliver the vision of practice set out in the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy. As a result of this process, CTF Working Group 1 presented a draft framework in February 2017. 

The framework was subjected to a rigorous process of consultation with stakeholders in March and April 2017 by means of a Delphi Consultation. The results of this exercise are currently being analysed by CTF Working Group 1. The input provided by the different stakeholders will be used to finalise the draft competency framework within 2017.

 CTF Working Group 2 conducted an exercise of gathering existing evidence and carrying out primary research in support of the project. This included a literature review around the topic of hospital pharmacy education, as well as an exploration of the experiences and attitudes of hospital pharmacists towards the matter of labour mobility. EAHP Immediate Past-President, Dr Roberto Frontini, led Working Group 2. The findings of both projects are planned to be published in the next few months.

Finally, CTF Working Group 3 takes on a series of communications tasks including, but not limited to:

  • monitoring of developments relevant to the project at the EU and national levels;
  • liaising with the European Commission and other professions developing common training framework approaches; and,
  • ensuring clear understanding of the project amongst the EAHP membership, wider hospital pharmacy profession and associated stakeholder community, as well as providing opportunities for their input. 

EAHP President Joan Peppard leads this Working Group which will continue its activities in Phase 2 of the project in accordance with a new communication plan to ensure a clear understanding in the wider pharmacy profession including academia and regulators.

For more information about the membership of these Working Groups, as well as the CTF Steering Committee, visit the ‘Who is Involved’ section.