A common training framework for hospital pharmacy will represent an important international agreement on the competencies, knowledge, skills and attitudes required by the profession to deliver on the 44 European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy.


Thereafter, it is intended that the common training framework will be initially used as a flexible tool for hospital pharmacy development across Europe, fully reflecting national and regional realities. This includes being:-


  • an inspiration for the development of competency-based education and training programmes for hospital pharmacy, especially in those countries where formal structures of this kind may be under consideration.
  • an opportunity for cross-border cooperation in the provision of hospital pharmacy education and training.
  • a European benchmark to which existing national programmes of hospital pharmacy education and training can be compared.
  • a reference tool for those with responsibility for the provision of workplace based systems of training and development.


In the longer term, it is hoped that ongoing and enhanced agreement between countries on the competencies required for practice of hospital pharmacy may present new opportunities for labour mobility.